Leader Heads & Funnels

Leader Heads capture the water runoff from roofs where the volume or design does not allow a full gutter and funnels it into downspouts that take the water to the ground. Also called Conductor Heads, Scupper Boxes or Rain Heads, these products will collect a large amount of water in several possible ways. Placed at the end of a valley, the size of the box will allow much more water to pass through than a typical gutter. Used on a flat roof, they will collect water that passes through a parapet wall. They also may be used where two downspouts converge into one. Many custom homes use them at the top of the gutter for their beauty and uniqueness.

Did you know that the original Gargoyles were a type of Leader Head that collected the water from the roof and spit it out over and away from the sides of the building? This would keep the morter from eroding away as the water ran down building.